In-house expertise

When you go with a big software vendor, services and support are often outsourced off-shore.

One of the best reasons to implement cloud software through a local partner is that you can receive service, support, and/or training more quickly. At Annexa, all our services are under one roof. We eat, sleep work and play in our offices in Australia. We don’t outsource work so our clients have direct access to a full range of our services and skills locally. This allows us to develop a deep understanding of your needs, recommend the right system for your company and be on hand when you need us to minimise disruptions.

Long term partnerships

We’re in for the long haul. We don’t sell you a system and then leave you to fend for yourself like some software vendors. We build extraordinary relationships with our clients and customise our service offering to facilitate their growth. We grow as you grow.

A solutions based approach

If it won’t work, we won’t recommend it. Annexa is not a software company. We are a professional services company. We know that every business is different and by individually evaluating your business requirements we can present the best solution for your business.

Trusted Advisors

In addition to implementing your solution, a partner will likely offer additional services that can minimize or prevent downtime due to hardware or software problems. A partner can also recommend additional products and services that in addition to your software can help your business achieve greater productivity and efficiency.

Your mission critical business systems need mission ready partners. Our innovative and passionate team of certified experts are here to help you navigate the latest technologies as we reimagine the latest technologies as we reimagine and reshape your business processes. With Annexa at your side, your future is secure.

To learn more about how Annexa can help your business transition to a cloud system built for the future, contact us here.